what are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are lightweight individual synthetic eyelashes curled to look like a natural eyelash. They are thicker at the base and taper to a fine point which adds thickness and length to your own lashes. They are individually applied one by one to your natural lashes using a specially formulated bonding material. Applying Eyelash Extensions is a very careful and intricate service that requires skill and precision and should only be applied by an experienced lash stylist that is trained and certified in the process. Self-application, or application by someone who has not received the proper training, could provide an unnatural result or lead to lash damage or eye injury.


How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

Natural eyelashes have a life span and growth cycle; they will grow to a specific length before shedding, your lash extensions will fall out with your natural lashes. It is important to look after your lash extensions and to follow your after-care card, ensuring they last their fullest possible life span.  With proper care, your lash extensions will last as long as your own lash, but can be maintained indefinitely with refills. To keep your lash extensions lush and full, we recommend getting a touch up (fill), every 2 weeks.


How Often Should I Get Refills?

To keep your lashes looking their best and in tip-top shape, it is important to maintain them with regular fills.   Depending on your lash growth cycle and how you care for your lashes will determine how frequently you need to get refills, although we normally recommend every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes looking full and beautiful.


Will It Damage My Natural Lashes?

When lash extensions are properly applied, they will not damage your natural eyelashes. Your natural lashes are always shedding and growing back in 4-6 weeks cycle; the extension should simply fall off with your natural lash. The extensions themselves should not cause your lashes to fall out or become damaged unless your technician is applying extensions that are too long or heavy for your natural lash.  At LuxeLash we will always ensure that we customize the extensions to suit and protect your natural lash with proper application. 


How Long Does It Take?

A full set of lash extension can take between 90-120 minutes.  Lash refills can take between 60-90 minutes.


How do I know if I can wear Eyelash Extensions?

Almost anyone can enjoy the benefit of eyelash extensions, but certain conditions can make them inappropriate for you. If one or more of the following conditions applies to you, you may not be a good candidate for eyelash extensions:

  • You Rub Your Eyes Frequently:  You suffer from seasonal allergies or just find you have a tendency to rub your eyes excessively.
  • Sensitive Skin:  Although eyelash extensions are not applied to the skin, allergic reactions are possible from the adhesive, under-eye pads or tape. The area around your eyes is easily irritated by skincare products or cosmetics. Clients with known allergies should alert the lash stylist prior to beginning the procedure.
  • Recently had Lasik:  You must wait at least 4 weeks and seek your doctor's approval prior to getting extensions.
  • Eyelift:  You must wait 4 to 6 MONTHS after the operation and also gain your doctor’s approval.
  • Medical Illnesses:  A common cold or sinus infection, can cause irritation and/or eye secretions which can cause inadequate bonding of the adhesive and premature loss of your eyelash extensions. You suffer from other medical illnesses, or are undergoing chemotherapy or other medical treatments.
  • Conditions That Affect Eyelash Growth:  You have no natural lashes. Since eyelash extensions are applied to your own natural lashes, you must have lashes in order to apply lash extensions. Your own lashes are unhealthy or you suffer from conditions that affect eyelash growth.
  • Currently taking thyroid medication:  You may find keeping the lashes beyond 2 weeks a challenge.

If any of these things apply to you, or you have a particular concern, contact us for a consult to determine whether eyelash extensions are right for you. 


How Do I Care For Them?

It is necessary to clean and brush your lashes/lash line daily to prevent eye irritation, infection, blepharitis or other eye health issues. To do so, use an oil-free makeup remover on your lash line/extensions to fully remove any makeup/debris in the lashes so as to keep your eyes healthy and allow the lashes to perform their primary function of keeping things out of your eyes! We retail an amazing foaming cleanser that is specially formulated for eyelash extension wearers that's gentle and safe on the natural lash and extension adhesive. Be sure to follow your after-care instructions to keep up the maintenance of your lashes.


Can the Extensions be removed?

Yes. If you should find you need, or want, them removed they can easily be removed by your Eyelash Extension Stylist using a specially formulated adhesive remover. The process is painless and usually takes less than 30+ minutes. Please do not attempt to remove them on your own as this can cause damage to your natural lash.

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