Our mission is to provide a quality service, never compromising the safety of your natural lashes.  We will work with you to pick the most appropriate lashes to achieve your ideal look without overburdening your natural lashes. 


We specialize in safe and customized eyelash extensions. Our exclusive technique tailors a perfect design for each individual’s unique eye shape using our custom-built mapping system. We provide both classic lashes and multi-volume lash extensions, using only premium synthetic material that is curled to imitate a natural lash. Our eyelash extensions provide a rich-looking appearance that eliminates the need for mascara, giving you a low-maintenance beauty routine.


Our application technique transforms your natural eyelashes by applying single strands of synthetic lashes to your natural lashes on a hair-by-hair basis for a totally natural look. Your lashes will look luscious and beautiful making you feel glamorous and confident.


Let us help you enhance your natural beauty! At Lashes to Lashes, we build upon your existing beauty to accentuate your features and customize a look that’s right for you.

Lashes to Lashes strives to boost your natural beauty with an array of beauty treatments. From eyelash extensions to cosmetic tattooing, our customized services will help you achieve natural-looking results that are tailored specifically for your lifestyle.

Before we get started, we meet with you to learn more about you, your needs and your desired results. Then we design a customized set of lashes/brows that highlights your natural facial features.

Our trusted experts can assist you in creating a customized look that will enhance your already beautiful appearance. Let Lashes to Lashes’ professional specialists help you achieve a subtle difference in your everyday look with our gorgeous natural-looking eyelash extensions, brows and cosmetic tattooing.

Lashes to Lashes’ specialized beauty treatments will help you feel more confident with your newly improved yet natural appearance. We invite you to book a consultation with us so we can learn more about you and help you create a customized look that fits you perfectly.